Thursday, September 30, 2010


What we eat, get digested and absorbed in body. Healthy food intake
Will helpful in good digestion and subsequently give us good health.
Main reason for poor digestion is bad dietary habits. Here I have given important advice which will be helpful for avoiding digestion disorder.
Good dietary habits are helpful to avoid disease like Irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, loss of appetite, peptic ulcer, nausea, constipation

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 1. Avoid Over eating of food:-
Normally human is food lover. Balanced food is necessary for nutritional requirement of human.
But very few people will have a habit of controlled food habit. Eat, as much as they like, will only give satisfaction to these glutton persons. Over eating will adversely affect digestion process. Digestion system has its limit to digest food. Undigested food will accumulated in stomach due to over eating of food. This will create gastric problems.

2. Avoid hasty chewing of food:
Properly chewing food will supply smaller and properly mixed food particle to stomach. Smaller food particles will easily break in digestion process and subsequently absorbed in our body. Digestion process will face problem in breaking big food particles.

3. Take small meals four to five a day.
Normal routine habit of two to three meals is not at all advisable.Daily habit of four to five small meals
Will regulate our metabolism properly activated. Properly activated metabolism is very important for avoiding obesity also.

4. Keep mind and body stress free.
Human’s system of digestion is affected by immune and nervous system of body. \
Stress free mind will release sufficient quantity of enzymes to facilitate easy and complete digestion.

5. Take following heath food in daily meals for easy digestion:-

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  • High fiber foods like soya food, psyllium seeds (Indian name is esabgol), Green leafy vegetables.
  • Fruits are usually highly nutritious and easy to digest.
  • Certain vegetables for example Ginger, Spinach and Carrot are highly advisable for healthy diet.
  • Ginger is an Indian herbal medicine which is very effective in digestion process.
  • Ginger has different name in different country. Ginger is stimulant and it helpful l in production of saliva which makes swallowing of food particles easy.
  • Ginger is also helpful in inducing Enzymes for food digestion.
  • Herbal tea with ginger is highly effective in Common cold. Ginger is highly effective in morning sickness and nausea. Main benefit of ginger is to cure loss of appetite in human. Ginger is added as spice in many vegetable cuisines.

6. Try to avoid following food items for good digestion:-
-Animal fats
-fried oily foods
-Tobacco and alcohol


Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Anger is deeply emotional outburst about unwanted situation, matter or other person’s behavior. Antagonism is weakness of human nature. Furious behavior belittles the furious person. As a person maddened by fury of hard feeling, his composure becomes irritating. When angry nature becomes a habit, health of person is dangerously prone to risk for life.
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General causes of anger:
1.Extreme resentment against certain situation makes human angry.
2. Adversity of social, physical and psychological condition of person is root cause of angry behavior.
3.Dissatisfaction from career or social matters makes man furious.
4. Furious man has very low tolerance in facing trifles of life.
5. Over responsive, over perfectionist nature and poor emotional skill of person is contributing factor in development of angry situation.
6. These are the general cause of anger applicable to all angry personality.
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Health risks of anger:
1.High blood pressure
2.Heart problems
3.Persistent angry nature of man can cause anxiety, depression and psychological disorders.
4. Loss of appetite
socially harmful effects of anger:
Angry and hawkish attitude is not desirable at workplace Job or business adversely affected by furious nature of person. This will worsen economical condition of man. Wife and kids will   stay away from angry person.
Pacify anger at house and family affairs. Mature and loving attitude of wife or husband will pacify anger of their spouse.
Husband should give enough time for wife and family. Regular sex satisfaction is excellent prescription for pacify furious wife.
Pacify anger at place of work:
Harmony and cooperation are the key qualities for good relationship in either place of work or social platform. This will create practical attitude of man and make him less vulnerable to vicious cycles of anger, discontent and hate.
Contented mind frame of a human is very useful in preserving calm and practical approach of human being. This is beneficial to career of human in longer term.



Spinach Is the Best among all available vegetable while considering health point of view.

Easily available:
SPINACH is perennial plant so it is available throughout 365 days of year.
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Spinach is edible leafy green vegetable available in about all part of world.
In various of spinach differs, but it is very easily available vegetable.

Enriched with Vitamins:  
Spinach is edible flowering plant, loaded with following vitamins and nutrients:
v  High iron content
v  Calcium
v  Highly enriched with anti oxidants
v  Vitamin A
v  Vitamin C
v  Vitamin K
v  Magnesium
v  Potassium
v  Zinc
v  Omega 3 fatty acids
v  Selenium, fibers

Precaution point of view:
Spinach supplies higher iron content, calcium and vitamins, so it is advisable to
 Eat SPINACH regularly to boost our immunity system. This prevents common seasonal ailments.

SPINACH prevents diseases:
Regular intake of spinach, helps in curing following diseases.
v  Heart disease
v  Osteoporosis
v  Gastric ailments
v  Anemia

Cooking SPINACH:
Spinach must clean properly to clear dust particles.
Spinach should immerse in hot water before cooking. This will remove germs in it.
Many vegetarian recipes available to cook spinach.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Green tea or black tea derives from Dry leaves of, same plant Camellia sinensis. Only method of processing is different for green and black tea.Green tea leaves are not fermented.Black tea leaves are fermented. Green and black teas are hot beverages. Green tea extracts is available in tablet form also. A green tea benefit human’s health enormously.

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  Green tree is powerful antioxidant
·         The green tea extracts is rich in polyphenol and Caffeine.
·         Black tea and green tea both are highly rich antioxidants .This high level of anti oxidants reduces, cell damage, caused by free radicals.
·         It is a great source of antioxidants, when compared to fruits and vegetables.
·         Extensive medical researches on it, concludes that green tea is beneficial in preventing and curing of many ailments.
                Prevention of Heart attack is main benefit of green tea.
·         Many researchers conclude that regular drinking of 6-8 cups of green tea improves the health of cells, which makes lining of the blood vessels.
·         It reduces the level of bad cholesterol and triglycerides.
·         Regular green tea intake by human is beneficial in artery widening.
·         Green tea also reduces Systolic and diastolic blood pressure of humans.
·         It is effective in decreasing potential Cardiac risk factors.    
·         It has weight loss properties. Green tea extracts are available in tablet form also to reduce over weight.  
               Many Health benefits of green tea are mentioned below.   
1.       Green tea prevents and reduces intensity of certain type of cancers. Green tea contains
Catechins (rich concentration of anti oxidants), which has fighting ability against cancers.
Many researchers firmly believe that green tea is preventing force against lung cancer, oral cancer, prostate cancer and cervical cancer.
2.       It is beneficial in good health of eye and skin.
3.       Green tea is effective in increasing mind alertness and improves human’s memory.



Monday, September 27, 2010


Phobia is intense fear of some situation; object or place.Agoraphobia is fear of visiting to public places. It is the worst kind of phobia that makes patient mentally handicapped.

What exactly is Agoraphobia?
Agoraphobia is extreme fear of visiting market place.
Generally Patient with Agoraphobia has fear of Visiting following places.
·         Shopping market                                                           
·         Cinema theater
·         Sea shore
·         Tunnel
·         Bridge
·         Social gatherings, such as marriages, events, parties etc
·         Transportation
·         Air planes
·         Elevators
·         Patient feels an intense PHOBIC feeling and panic attacks while visiting public places. Patient cannot face this overwhelming 
      Feeling of fear or embarrassment.Patient readily escape from public places like there is no tomorrow.

Causes of agoraphobia:
·         Genetic inheritance may be main contributing factor
·         Severe Anxiety syndrome and worsened panic disorder may induce panic attacks. This situation makes patient more venerable to agoraphobia.
·         Feeling of loneliness
·         Feeling of helplessness. Patient has the extreme fear filling that he will not face either certain circumstances, or situation. This mentality makes patient fearful, depressed and agoraphobic.
·         Nervous personality of person makes him hopelessly fearful.

Symptoms of agoraphobia 
  Agoraphobia causes symptoms, similar to panic attack and severe anxiety disorder.
  These symptoms are mentioned below.

§  Loss of breath
§  Palpitation-increase heart rate
§  perspiration while visiting public places
§  Patient has hard feeling of loose his self control whiles visiting public places.
§  He will afraid of facing certain situation.
§  Trembling while facing certain object, place or situation.

Medical Treatment of Agoraphobia:
·         Anti depressants
·         anti anxiety medicines
Medical supervised treatment will help patient to recover from worsened condition.
Bold approach:
Agoraphobic patient has fear of visiting public places.
Gradually exposing agoraphobic patient to place which he fears, is the best therapy.
Apply this technique frequently.
After repeatedly facing feared situation, Patient will realizes his senseless fear.

Yoga, meditation and cognitive behavioral therapy
These therapies are helpful to relax patient, provided proper guidance of experts are available.