Wednesday, October 27, 2010


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The Mini-skirt is a dress with a hemline, 7 to 8 inches above the knee. In 1965, Mary quant had invented the mini-skirt from his popular cloth shop at London. Mini-skirts are a symbol of fashion for long time. Mini-skirts are suitable for all Ages of women, right from teenagers to matured ladies. Women with mini-skirt get the most compliments from man, for a sexy look.

Miniskirt is the most fashionable dress of a woman. What is fashion? A Woman can wear anything.
·         There are wide varieties of miniskirts are available. The mini-skirts of different style, color and Fabrics are available in the fashion world.
  • The fact is that woman feels great in miniskirts.  Short women will look taller and fat women will look thinner when they wear s mini-skirt.
  • A Woman with mini-skirt looks glamorous and elegant in style. Mini-skirt is a confidence booster to the woman who wears it. A Woman with miniskirt feels self confidence while walking in parties, beaches and offices.
  • A lady wearing mini-skirt, with high heels and trendy purse is very attractive for fashion fancy men.Mini skirts are especially comfortable for a woman while visiting beaches.
  • Mini-skirt is available in jeans, silk and cotton fabric. The sexy colors of miniskirts are pink, blue and yellow.
  • The tight is advisable for the woman who wears miniskirts.
  • Miniskirt realizes the woman about over weight of her body. Woman inspires to reduce extra fat accumulated in body. She will become health conscious.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Happiness is serene and tranquil state of mind. Happiness is a cheerful condition of human mind. It is a blissful feeling of contented human. The positive Attitude is very important to become happy. Happiness has various forms. Happiness may come from love of spouse.Touching; kissing kids and playing with them are wonderful moments. Following tips may be helpful for getting happiness in life.

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  1. Stress is a bad habit. Do everything to reduce stress. Happiness is staying at miles away from stressful humans. Avoid stress and you will open door to pleasure.
  2. Maintain harmony in family and workplace.
  3. Health is wealth. Keep yourself healthy. Healthy food and regular exercise are keys to good health.
  4. Organize daily activities and work schedules.
  5. Keep the positive state of mind and positive body language.
  6. Nurture your hobbies. Love your hobby. Give some time daily to your favorite activities.
  7. Always be proud of yourself.
  8. Do not be over perfectionist.
  9. Neglect trifles of the daily life.
  10. Keep company of the positive and cheerful friends.
  11. Stay away from obsessive nature.
  12. Control your vitiated ego.
  13. Fortify emotional health.
  14. Balance your mood swings.
  15. Avoid higher expectation from anything.
  16. Practice calming techniques of yoga and meditation.
  17. Practice patience in odd situation.
  18. Do not give much importance to money. The craving for money is not good for healthy and       happy mind.
  19. Practicing compassion is an important key to find genuine pleasure.
  20. Keep pace of life in proper rhythm. Avoid Hurry and worry.
  21. Avoid loneliness. Loneliness is a synonym of unhappiness.


Saturday, October 16, 2010


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Meryl Streep (U.S.A)

  • Meryl streep is one of the greatest living actresses in Hollywood. She is an extremely talented actress.
  • She has been nominated for academy awards sixteen times and won it two times.
  • She is a perfectionist in acting.
  • Her first film was Julia, in which she gave stunning acting performance.
  • She won an academy award for films Kramer vs. Kramer (1979) and Sophie’s choice (1982).
  • Her famous films are-Silkwood (1983), Out of Africa (1985), Evil angels (1988) and the bridges of medision country (1995).
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 Jodie Foster (U.S.A)

  • She is a remarkable actress with the best talent.
  • Her first remarkable film was taxi driver (1976).
  • Her famous  films are-The Accused(1989),The Silence of the Lambs(1991),Neil(1994),Contact(1997),Flight plan(2005),The Brave one(2007).     
  • She won Academy award for two times and won other numerous awards for best performance in Hollywood.


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    Julia Roberts (U.S.A)

  • Julia Roberts is the most beautiful and talented actress in Hollywood screen.
  • Her first remarkable film was The Pretty woman (1989).The picture was successful worldwide.
  • Her famous films are-My best friend’s Wedding, The Runaway Bride, Valentine Day, Mystic Pizza,Notting Hill, Steel Magnolias, Erin Brokovich, Twelve, The Ocean’s Eleven and Monalisa Smile
  • She has won numerous awards for her remarkable performance as an actress in Hollywood films.

  • Author:N.B.V


Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Genius humans are highly talented persons. They differ with other majority people. Genius people are talented in their specialized field for example, Science, Music, Literature, Arts, Painting, Dance and Invention. Genius persons are people with extra ordinary potential. Genius’s intellectual level is the highest in His field. They have strong natural talent. Genius has undeterred determination to achieve his goal. A committed focused approach and effort to achievement of their goal is main characteristics of genius? Genius loves his work. Genius persons are damn hard workers. Trifles of life or routine are not at all disturbing him. They have treasure of motivation. Motivated genius has no time to say, hear or do hopeless things. Genius person may become selfish also .History has seen many Sceptical GENIUS persons. Genius means extra higher intelligence.

This extreme intelligence level or extreme perception level or extreme imaging Power of Genius person, sometimes makes them sceptical or socially odd personality. Main problem of genius person is that they are entirely focused in his own field. They generally avoid other interest or fields. They mostly prefer not to mix with other common people. But naturally how a genius person talks or mixes with idle person or simpleton who talks senseless topics. His intelligence level is so high that very few people can match his level. These lakes of interest in daily or socially routine matters make genius a recluse. INVENTIONS of genius scientist have helped people of world very fruitfully. Pablo Picasso paintings were treasure of art loving person. Great Oscar Wilde writings are example for literary genius. GREAT Leonardo de Vinci was artist and scientist also. He had painted MONALISA painting. Monalisa painting had given reputation to Leonardo de Vinci. But how many useful inventions he had made? Hundreds of inventions were made by Leonardo de Vinci.

Author: N.B.V

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Yoga and meditation for spiritual progress

Yoga and meditation are Indian spiritual art. If properly practiced both arts are very much helpful for spiritual development.

-Yoga is a meditative practice of Hinduism from India.

-Yoga means union of body and soul with balanced senses.

-Meditation in yoga involves control breathing with yoga posture.

-Yogi is person who has got enough skill and learning in yogashastra and meditation.

-There are four types of yoga are described in Ancient Indian yogashastra
  Raj yoga
  Karma yoga
  Bhakti yoga
  Gnan yoga,

  Karma yoga specifically gives importance on action or doing one’s own duty or work.
  Bhakti yoga, gives importance to devotion.
  Gnan yoga is predominantly knowledge yoga.

 -Yoga is very beneficial to physical and mental health of human being. But proper advice of
Proper yoga guru is essential.

 -Yogi (yoga guru) can be very helpful in treating physical and psychological health of person.
 Emotional upheavals, built up stress etc can be very well managed by true practice of yoga.

 -Various postures of yoga and methods of yoga are very important.

 -Yoga is a pure Indian religious art which is helpful in improving health. 

 -Many well known yoga retreats are available in India. These retreats are supervised
    Under very experienced yoga guru (yogi). Many chronic diseases are cured by yoga practice
    In these yoga retreats.
-Yoga and meditation can cure many chronic diseases, for example
   Back pain
   Gastric problems
   Hyper tension etc.


Saturday, October 9, 2010

What Is Hypoglycemia? What Are The Causes Of Hypoglycemia?

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Hypoglycemia is below normal level of glucose in blood of human. Hypoglycemia is increasingly common in people with diabetes. Hypoglycemia can occur at any age group due to many reasons. The treatment for hypoglycemia is to raising blood Sugar level to normal level.

Symptoms of Hypoglycemia hinges on how low in level of blood sugar of patient drops.
Most common symptoms are narrated below.

  •   Nervousness
  •   Vomiting
  •   Headache, Sweating,
  •   Palpitation
  •   paralysis
  •   Depression, anxiety, trouble in speaking
  •   Heavy breathing, coma
Common causes of Hypoglycemia are mentioned below and Treatment of hypoglycemia
  •   Diabetes
  •   Metabolic problems
  •   Genetic inheritance  
  •   starvation of food
  •   Problems caused by surgery
  •   Side effects of certain drugs
  •   aged patient with  fairly long illness.
  •   Disease of certain body organs.
Treatment is focused on immediate raising patient’s level of blood sugar to normal level. Patient with hypoglycemia must have to take food or juice added with sugar. Consumption of more sugar is important in raising blood sugar level. Consuming glucose tablets and drink plenty of juices from fruits are advisable.
 Mild hypoglycemia is not risky although severe hypoglycemia is very risky disease and it is advisable to hospitalize patient with severe hypoglycemia immediately and strictly adhere to medicine advised by medical professional.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Five tips to overcome writer’s block

Here I have given very useful tips to overcome writer’s block.

These tips will make writer stress free, against troublesome writer’s block.
Writer can very well manage this period of writer’s block.

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 1. Wide range reading

Wide range of reading gives writer wide vision.
They will understand boldness and richness in books of famous Authors.
Writer must read fiction novel, biography or good articles.
During period of writer’s block, Writer can read books of famous author Oscar Wilde

You will find treasure of beautiful writing from Sir Oscar Wilde.
For example the picture of Dorian grey,Lady Windermere’s fan, decays of lying etc, etc.

Writer can also read books of author `Charles Dickens in this time of
Writers block.
One can get immense enthusiasm or inspiration to write if Writer is inclined to read more from English literature.
This type of rich and world class writing rejuvenate our creativity to write something very good.

I suggest one fiction writer `Fredrick forsyth’.his books are best fictions I have ever read.
I cannot understand why he is not writing presently.

One can read author Jane Austen for understanding marvelous literary skill.

In short I can summarize that for many people reading is hobby. But for
Regular writer, reading good, classic and wide variety of books is professional requirement.
This will definitely give inspiration to writer. They will be able to overcome writers
Block easily and write something real better.

2. Involve in other activity
I always prefer Walking as source to re energise us. Walking is just like music.
While we walk, we got relaxed and our nerves soothe out and Creativity awakens.

Aerobic exercise also greatly helps us in elevating our feeling of well being
It drives out Boredom from us. We can get new idea for writing.

3. Natural environment
From very ancient time Human beings are associated with nature.
More involvement in plants, gardening, bird watching etc gives fresh outlook of nature To Human. This may be helping in unlocking creativity of writer’s mind.

4. Woman and Music

Woman is always inspirational force for writer.
Listening music awaken creative faculty.

5. Socializing
One can goes for traveling or went to other towns to meet relatives.
This will makes your relation with close ones very healthy.
This will benefit you to become social and help you also to stay away from daily routine.
This will makes you fresh and fine in new environment.